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The world of eyebrows is ever expanding, and so should educational opportunities! Anastasia now represents Elleebana’s Henna Brow Tinting line as the local trainer for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. After partnering with Kelly Rhode (Rhode Pro Academy, Burnsville, MN), she now instructs monthly, hands on classes (attendance is up to 6 students) that include the Elleebana Henna Brow Tinting kit and certification. Social media tips, henna application, and the ever loving subject of brow “mapping” will be covered. For more information or to sign up for the Elleebana Henna Brow Tinting course with Anastasia you will need to visit link, follow further instructions and complete the student intake form.

Rather eliminate the crowd and have Anastasia’s full attention? Private trainings can be arranged. If you’d like to cover the same material as the Elleebana Henna Brow Tinting course (that includes kit and certification) but simply have it conducted privately where the focus is zeroed in on your specific skill set, this will be an additional cost but highly worth the investment. Henna is a quirky service, lots of questions come up along the way. With this training option, Anastasia will be directly by your side the entire session to give immediate advice and guidance.

Last training option, YOU DECIDE! Want to cover brow shaping alone? Already in the brow tinting game and need more advanced suggestions? Maybe you simply want to watch a demo of lash tinting and do a model yourself. It’s customizable based on where you are today and what you want to learn. No kits or certifications, just real talk.

To sign up for the private training option, please email [email protected].


Elleebana Henna Brow Tinting Course (with kit valued at $340 and certification)$550
Private Elleebana Henna Brow Tinting Course (with kit valued at $340, certification, and additional private training charge of $225)$775
Private Customizable Training$75

Meet me

Anastasia Hoff has a long back ground in the service industry, and a good deal of experience in yoga instructing. She has a unique voice and understands customer service needs to be an experience. She became an esthetician in 2015 and opened her own salon suite in Richfield, MN in 2017. Being somewhat new in the beauty world, and on her own to make business minded decisions, she has strived to make brand connections with some of the best mentors in the country. Organically, she found her way into specializing in lashes and brows. Her passion is helping the over-groomed brows in the Midwest come back to life!

After a trip to LA (Sept 2018) to private train under Kelley Baker (Kelley Baker Brows), she came back and dove deep into Elleebana’s Henna Brow Tinting line and discovered a new love. In July 2019, she wanted to advance this skill and went to Baltimore to do an advanced training with Natallia Ivchankova (Global Brow Bar). Since then, this amazing service has taken over her books (in the best way possible!) and she has found a HUGE response with marketing this service on social media. Her clientele have found their brows actually grow back, making them a loyal client for life!

Becoming a trainer and educator has been on her radar since her days back at the Aveda Institute of Minneapolis. For her new journey, she has connected with Kelly Rhode to take over the role at Kelly’s educational space. She will bring all the tools of her experience to the classroom to help students learn this service and bring it to the masses. Future plans include creating more awareness around both Henna Brow Tinting AND lash lifting through the power of social media.