The facial hair you don’t wax off isn’t dark enough?! Let’s change that! With our lash and brow tinting services, we can natural enhance your beauty and cut time off your morning routine.

Welcome to Spark Studio

Anastasia is now offering one simple option for ALL NEW BROW CLIENTS, and will cover every client’s brow needs big or small. This appointment includes consultation, brow tinting (with either classic tint or henna, whichever is better suited for the client), brow shaping (with waxing or tweezing), and a complimentary brow product (gel or pencil) to help maintain results. During this time, we discuss your brow goals and what it will require to reach them. When you leave this appt, you will be advised of what services to book going forward to achieve your brow goals. Rebooking every 4-6 weeks is required to ensure maintained results. Please allow minimum of 4 weeks since your last brow shaping before booking this option. If you groom at home (tweeze, trim), stop immediately and wait the same amount of time. You are welcome (though not necessary) to come in with the products you like to use, and/or with your brow makeup on.

We offer three main services in brows and lashes:

Close up of beautician hands undergoing waxing procedure for female eyebrows. She is applying in eye area

Brow Wax (Kelley Baker Brows certified): This is much more than just a regular brow wax, Spark Studio specializes in brow rehab. Leave the tweezers at home and trust your brows to a professionally trained aesthetician. Let them wax your brows to perfection with some additional steps to reduce and cover redness. After, the brow wax is topped off with a Kelley Baker Brows finishing touch. An instructional tutorial is also offered to help you recreate the finished product at home.

Henna Brow Tint: This ultimate brow enhancement product containing hydrolyzed proteins, vitamin complex and anti-oxidants, helps to strengthen and restore hair growth aiding further in the BROW REHAB category. Spark Studio carries Elleebana Brow Henna and Supercilium Brow Henna with a total of 12 highly pigmented warm, cool, and neutral tones. What results to expect: up to 2 weeks of stain to the skin, and up to 6 weeks of tint to the actual brow hairs. If your brows need extra love to get big and bushy again, this is the service for you. Henna is applied with precision to achieve a crisp skin stain, and needs to process for up to 30 minutes (while drying is the ideal time to wax the brows).

Beauty makeup. Woman coloring eyebrow with gel tint closeup. Girl model setting liquid peel-off brow gel on eyebrow
Makeup artist applies paint henna on eyebrows in a beauty salon

Classic Brow Tint: A nice entry level to the world of brow tinting. Application is fast, skin stain is minimal if any at all. The real results in conditioned, shiny, and tinted brow hairs that last up to four weeks. (If skin stain is something you want as a result, Henna Brow Tinting would be ideal for you.)

If you are looking to give your brows a makeover, book an appointment today and let us transform them into something fabulous.

New Client Pricing and Timing

Brow Shapingup to 2hrs - $120

Existing Client Pricing and Timing

Brow Shaping (4-6 weeks)30 min - $40
Brow Shaping (6 weeks or more)45min - $50
Classic Brow Tinting (no shaping)30min - $35
Classic Brow Tinting & Shaping45min - $70
Henna Brow Tinting (with or without shaping)1hr 45min - $90