Let us spark things up a bit...

A view to kill!

At Spark Studio, we waste no time cleanin’ you up and gettin’ you back on top. WE WAX! WE LASH! LET’S SPARK YOU!

Lash lifts are not just for the glamour girl any longer. Yoga instructors, busy moms, other moms, aging women, or even YOU could customize your own lash look! And your eyebrows as well… have you tried eyebrow tinting?

Now for waxing, that’s for everyone.

Spark Studio is a salon suite located inside Salons By JC Southdale location. Anastasia Hoff is the owner and sole operator with advanced and specialized training in brow and lash services. She completed NovaLash’s classic extensions training in May 2015 as well as their American Volume training with Kelley Delmonico in December 2019. September 2018 she traveled to LA for a 2 days to shadow and private train under Kelley Baker in order to bring back the skills to wax and shape brows with perfection. Also under that umbrella was a trip to Baltimore July 2019 to study under a henna brow tinting expert, Natallia Ivchankova at Global Brow Bar. Spark Studio is a unique space where you can be yourself and allow Anastasia to help enhance your natural beauty.

Eyebrows and lashes are one of your most important assets. We can make your face look more sensual, feminine... simply irresistible. Eyes are the mirror of your soul, but great eyebrows and lashes are the mirrors of a great style. Let us accentuate that natural beauty!


Close up of beautician hands undergoing waxing procedure for female eyebrows. She is applying in eye area

When it comes to waxing, we (pretty much) do it all. Bros, keep your pants on! Sorry, our portfolio isn’t quite THAT diverse yet. But hey! All those other weird parts, WE GOT YOU!


The facial hair you don’t wax off isn’t dark enough?! Let’s change that! Premium brow and lash tinting services.

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